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We’re building companies with stories to share. Find us in Shibuya, Tokyo.

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Japan, Australia – United (JAU). Promoting design culture and a retailer of high-end designer products between Australia and Japan; Uniting Australian and Japanese design through maker's stories.

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A platform for purchasing and managing interior objects for Japanese interior designers and renovators.
Launching late 2019

We're passionate about the environment.

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Plastic is everywhere, plastic is useful, but we should use less of it. Japan is one of the biggest consumers of plastic in the world, it’s a misconception that the majority gets recycled – A large proportion of it ends up being burnt in combustion chambers by local governments. We are proud to sponsor Less Plastic to help promote the reduction of single use plastics in Japan. We intend to donate at least 5% of profits and provide our skills and resources to support this cause.