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A marketplace focusing on makers, products and their stories.


Launching late 2017 ⌀ 2017年後半開始


What makes us different?



/Interviews /Stories

/インタビュー /ストーリー


We interview makers/creators and bring you their personal story and the story behind their products.



/Long /Slow

/ロング /スロー


Good things come to those that wait. We don't focus on instant gratification. Great design takes time – some of our makers form/make their products on order, so expect a few weeks for delivery.

残り物には福がある。Long Formeは、すぐに得られる喜びにはフォーカスを置いていない。


/Good form /Good design

/すばらしい形 /すばらしいデザイン


We curate products from creators who share our value of good design.

Products should be simple, well made and timeless.



/Don't buy from us /Sustainability



We hope you don't need to buy anything from Long Forme. But if you do, we hope that by understanding the story behind the product, you treasure your purchase and make it a part of your life.

The last thing we want is for you to buy something and use it only once. So please treasure + ♥ your purchase.

消費社会である今、どうかLong Formeから何も買う必要がありませんように。でも、もしその必要があるならば、どうかその製品の裏側に隠されたストーリーを理解し、大切に扱い、あなたの人生の一部にしてもらえますように。



/Giving back

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We plan to donate 1% of earnings to 1% for the Planet, an organisation that invests our donated money to help improve the environment on earth, to make it a better place for all.*

利益の1%が、地球環境の向上を支援する1% for the Planetという団体に寄付されます。

*membership application pending


Interested in selling your products on Long Forme?

Long Formeでの販売に興味をお持ちのかたは